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Teeth Cleaning & Dental Exam
Silverdale, WA

Having your teeth routinely cleaned and examined is an important step in your oral healthcare. Too often patients omit this step for a variety of reasons including inconvenience, fear of the dentist, or simply because nothing hurts. The reality is, taking the time to have your teeth professionally cleaned and then reviewed by Dr. Gillespie can save you considerable time, money and pain. This is because we work to both prevent problems and catch problems while they are small, before they hurt. Our team at Life Long Dental has a plan that can help you have a healthier mouth.

What happens at a Dental Cleaning?

We are proud to say that we have the best in professional hygienists. When you come for a dental cleaning, our hygienist will:
•  Look for Symptoms of Gum Disease: When gum disease is present, there are multiple symptoms that can be seen. Symptoms can include red puffiness, bleeding, irritation, the recession of gum tissue, and even a sour smell.
•  Measure and Track Gum Pockets: Another indication of gum disease is the formation of gum pockets around the teeth. This is the gum tissue pulling away from the teeth. We measure the depth of the pockets, looking for pockets that exceed 3mm in depth. If the patient is a recurring patient, we can track these depths compared to previous appointments and see where trouble is brewing.
•  Remove Plaque, Tartar and Calculus: An important step in the cleaning process is the removal of material that will have bacteria present. This includes removing plaque, tartar and calculus. Many of our adult patients require the extra step of a deep cleaning which is completed through scaling and root planing.
•  Remove Surface Stains: Once the teeth are clean, we then finish the cleaning process through brushing the teeth with a gritty toothpaste and a rotary brush to polish and remove surface stains. The results is a brighter, cleaner mouth.

To complement your routine cleanings, we may recommend a fluoride treatment. Though long considered mainly for children, fluoride treatments have been proven tremendously beneficial for adults as well. Fluoride stops the progress of newly formed cavities, reduces tooth sensitivity and adult root decay can be greatly reduced through these treatments. We feature Cari-Free technology to chemically detect and monitor your decay risk right in the office.

What happens at a Dental Examination?

We encourage our patients to have regular dental exams and screenings with Dr. Gillespie. During your exam, we look to find problems, both large and small. Finding problems early, lets us stop them with the least invasive treatment. Additionally, regular dental check-ups help us continue an ongoing relationship with your oral cavity, giving us a broader perspective to your overall dental health.

During your dental exam, we will generally include the following steps:
•  Digital X-Rays: Digital x-ray images provide us a screening of areas that can't be seen through visual examination alone. We can spot disease or infection, the development of growths, the growth of teeth, and more.
•  Visual Examination: Using a probe, we will complete a visual examination. This may be to look for symptoms of gum disease, the presence of decay, breakage or fracture of teeth and more.
•  Oral Cancer Screening: Part of your visual examination includes an oral cancer screening. We will look for tissue that is different, this may include different coloring, texture, and the development of bumps or lumps.

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At Life Long Dental, a dental cleaning and exam helps to keep your teeth and gums healthy. It can also aid in the reduction of your risk to heart disease and strokes.
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