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Full Mouth Reconstruction
Silverdale, WA

Description of image at Life Long Dental in City, StateFull mouth reconstruction means restoring or replacing all of a patient's teeth.

When it comes to restoring the form, function, and aesthetics of a patient's mouth, nothing beats a full mouth reconstruction that combines the art of dentistry with the science of restorative dentistry.

Our dentist, Dr. Kasey Gillespie, DDS, at Life Long Dental can perform full mouth reconstruction efficiently without compromising your dental health and preserving your dental restorations.

Who Should Get a New Smile with Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Many people have widespread dental issues that need to be addressed to provide them with a functional and aesthetically pleasing smile. Many teeth are missing from these patients, and many have fillings that are failing or decaying.

Those who may have teeth that are shattered, cracked, or poorly worn from bruxism or tooth grinding, or other causes should have a full mouth reconstruction.

Patients who were born with disorders like amelogenesis, ectodermal dysplasia, or dentinogenesis imperfecta will also need substantial dental restorations. Some of these patients might benefit from a full mouth reconstruction.

What is the Treatment Process of Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction that is both comprehensive and restorative requires a methodical approach. Inadequate care for the teeth and gums can lead to the failure of permanent cosmetic procedures. The main point is that your reconstruction will fail without a healthy mouth.


During your initial appointment, you will meet the people responsible for crafting your custom full mouth restoration. Our team will ask you questions regarding your dental standing. We will also inquire about smoking, drugs that could cause complications during treatment, immune system problems, severe acid reflux, and dental phobia. Your treatment strategy can be adjusted accordingly.


You'll need to receive scans, x-rays, and imprints of your mouth after your initial appointment. We can better assess your tooth structure, decay, and dental work with this information.

Cure Development

It is time to begin planning your full mouth reconstruction once we have gathered all of the necessary information and had a chance to examine your mouth.

The purpose of the procedure is to give you back your smile and your self-esteem by giving you a healthy, fully-functioning mouth.

Removal of Old Dental Fillings

We take out all fillings and remove dental crowns as standard procedures, for the following reasons:
•  Shrinkage and movement of older dental restorations away from the tooth can leave space for more deterioration.
•  We prefer to remove any previous dental work and begin from scratch to guarantee that your mouth only contains clean, safe, and biocompatible materials.
•  All remaining degradation should be repaired. Existing decay in a natural tooth might compromise the strength and lifetime of your reconstruction if it is not corrected.

Cavity treatment options may include root canal treatment if the soft tissue has become infected.

Scaling and Root Planing

As the next phase in full mouth reconstruction, scaling, planing, and treatment of pockets is crucial. Unhealthy gums can cause teeth to become loose or fall out entirely by pulling away from implants or natural teeth. Maintaining healthy gums is also important for warding against conditions like diabetes, stroke, and heart disease.

Preparing Teeth

This step in the dental procedure involves preparing your teeth for the actual procedure.

During this step, our experts will take impressions of your teeth in their current state so that the crowns, veneers, implants, inlays and onlays can be custom-made to fit your healthy mouth.

Custom Restoration

The final phase in reconstruction is custom restoration. You will be able to discuss how you would like your new teeth to look in terms of color and shape.

How Can Full Mouth Reconstruction Improve Oral Health?

The advantages are context-dependent, although they often consist of:
•  Better chewing and a more pleasant bite
•  Preventing future chipping, wearing, and damage to teeth
•  A stunning smile, one that can be tailored to each individual's unique needs. It can look as natural as you desire.
•  Gained face and lip structure support.
•  Training voice for better speech.

What Are The Beneficial Effects of Full Mouth Restoration on Gum Health?

After getting your full mouth reconstruction, you will feel more comfortable in social situations and will no longer need to hide your smile.

Complex dental problems can be resolved with full mouth reconstruction by combining restorative, implant, and aesthetic dentistry procedures.

How Long Will Full Mouth Reconstruction Last?

Full smile restorations are a wonderful tool of modern dentistry. Many people are able to overcome the discomfort of long-standing dental problems and regain full use of their mouths thanks to this procedure.

Time and money spent on dental care today can pay dividends in the form of healthy, beautiful teeth and gums that last a lifetime.

What kind of care you provide your new smile will determine the lifespan of this procedure. A full smile repair can last a lifetime with proper maintenance, including annual dental examinations and cleanings, and regular brushing and flossing.

How Long Does it Take for the Procedure of Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Reconstructing an entire mouth can take a year or more. The time frame for a full mouth reconstruction is determined by the number of procedures, treatments, and aesthetic adjustments needed for the individual patient.

Are You Considering Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction is the ultimate solution to your dental problems. If you are aware of the expected time for recuperation, you may be better prepared for the process.

If you have questions or are interested in receiving more information regarding reconstructive dental treatments, please contact Life Long Dental at (360) 633-2377.

Our dentist, Dr. Gillespie, will guide you in the right direction and are here to answer your questions, create a customized treatment plan, and get you ready for the procedure.


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