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Do You Need A Night Time Mouthguard?

Posted on 5/11/2020 by Life Long Dental
Do You Need A Night Time Mouthguard?If you are suffering from rather inconvenient and damaging problems at night such as bruxism (teeth grinding) or snoring (potentially sleep apnea), a mouthguard can help protect yourself and/or those around you!

A mouthguard is a relatively simple, effective way of dealing with these problems and something that we can't recommend enough to start your road to treating excessive grinding and snoring.

How A Mouthguard Helps With Bruxism

Grinding your teeth brings a host of complications down the road such as worn, loose teeth, or possible fractures. A mouthguard acts as a barrier to prevent your top and bottom teeth from touching which makes it an easy, instantaneous solution to this act.

We recommend a custom mouthguard to prevent it from becoming misaligned during sleep. A misaligned mouthguard is harmful to your teeth as it puts loads of pressure on them as you move your jaw around.

How A Mouthguard Helps With Snoring

A mouthguard can also help with snoring. Many people snore due to not enough air being able to make it through the airway passage. This is called sleep apnea and it often wakes the user up throughout the night because the brain is signaling the person to wake up to stop the blockage. It happens without them being aware of it and results in fatigue during the day.

A custom-made mouthguard for sleep apnea patients will move the lower jaw and tongue forward to allow enough air to pass through. This is an excellent solution for mild cases of the condition, but severe ones will require surgery to help fix the cause of the issue.

If you are interested in getting a mouthguard, there is no better way than to have one custom-made from us! Simply call our office and book an appointment to take the next steps.

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