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Oral Tips for Healthy Holiday Season

Posted on 7/24/2023 by Life Long Dental
Oral Tips for Healthy Holiday SeasonDelicious foods and sweet treats are common during holidays. During the season, it is important to be careful about what you are consuming for the sake of your dental hygiene. While some may find it hard to resist the temptation, it is wise to encourage yourself to eat healthy foods even during this season to maintain your smile. The following are a few tips that will help you maintain your oral health during holiday seasons;

Do not take A lot of Sugary Foods

Too much sugar is bad for your dental health because it creates acid in your mouth. Excess acid in your mouth supports bacteria that will potentially damage your teeth. Therefore, it is wise to stay away from sugary foods during the holiday and find other natural food to incorporate into your diet. But if you take some sweets, remember to floss and brush your teeth before leaving the house.

Drink a lot of Water

Water is not only good for your digestion. It is also suitable for cleaning and strengthening your teeth. It helps to remove food particles that are stuck in between your teeth. Apart from that, it balances the PH in your mouth, ensuring bacteria do not survive.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol and Smoking

Drinking and smoking are things people enjoy doing during holidays, but if you are serious about your dental hygiene, avoid smoking. Smoking generally weakens your immunity, leading to gum infection and other dental diseases. On the other hand, drinking slows saliva production in the mouth. When this happens, bacterias get a chance to flourish in your mouth, which may eventually cause tooth decay.

Visit Us to Get a Dental Checkup

During holidays, do not forget to visit a dentist for a checkup. If you have an appointment, make sure you show up and stick to your daily oral care routine. At our clinic, you can get the best advice on how to take care of your teeth, and if you have questions, you are free to contact us at any time.

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