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SiLverdale Dentist - David Sherrard DDS

SiLverdale Dentist - David Sherrard DDS

David Sherrard DDS

Welcome to a practice where you and your smile really count; where we take time with you to build a relationship based on trust; where we educate and inform patients so they can make the best decisions about their oral health; and where the best possible products and services come together for life-long health and beauty.

Our Promise

"Be honest and up front with you"
"Involve you in your care decisions from the start"
"Provide the service and care that we would for our own family members"

Our Vision

We are dedicated to patient education demonstrated by ethical treatment and continuity of care.

Everyday we strive to demonstrate care, skill, and judgement to specific needs of the individual leading to the growth and stability of our practice.


Life Long Dental

Complete Care

At Life Long Dental our goal is to tailor your treatment to meet your individual requirements and desires. That's why we offer everything you and your family need from general dentistry and restorative dentistry to TMJ care and smile makeovers with a gentle touch and preventive approach – all in one convenient location.

Here at Life Long Dental, we use the basic tenets from our advanced education at the L.D. Pankey Institute and the Kois Center to provide you the latest and most up-to-date techniques in dentistry. Our treatment principles are based on management of the "four risk categories" as taught by Dr. John Kois:

  • Functional - "What you do with your teeth"
  • Biomechanical - "What has been done in the past and what is happening in your mouth now"
  • Periodontal - "What is the condition of the gum and bone"
  • Aesthetic - "What is the appearance of the teeth"

These principles guide us in the process of getting you and your whole mouth as healthy as possible and then help you maintain that health for a lifetime.